Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Enhancement Features

                              Blog Enhancement features are as follows:

(1) The templates

We have already discussed the importance of adding a template, it’s to make your blog attractive and users friendly, so that visitors will keep coming back.

Also if you later want to change the template you will loose a lot of stuffs that have been added to the blog and you have to start all over again designing the outlook of the blog, adding Meta tags and all sort. It’s just to save you time work if you lose some of the added features. so Choose a template now

Navigation gadgets so visitors can easily navigate easily

Feeds gadgets

Follow by email – make it easy for visitors to subscribe and receive e-mail update from your blog whenever there is a new post

Popular posts – Adds a list of popular posts, including an optional thumbnail and Snippet

Blog list- list of other blogs or other important pages in your blog

Page rank – Displays the number of visitors to your blog

AdSense – Quickly add an AdSense gadget to earn revenue from your blog

Search box – Enable readers to search your site with integrated Google site search

HTML/JavaScript – Helpful for when adding JavaScript widgets, embed code and rich content from other Search engine optimization features
Now Click to know how to add cool gadgets

Share and like gadgets (this will enable you to share your post on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, linkin etc

Now Click to know how to add simple share and like gadgets

You can also add print and download items

Click now to add print and download button

Note that am trying to make a simple and professionally looking blog. Adding to much stuff on your blog can make it look awkward. Just make it simple, interesting and attractive. 


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