Thursday, August 23, 2012

Click to Create a Website Now

I will take it one after the other. Note this information is for all bloggers around the world. Because I have noticed that some feature are restricted from some countries. Irrespective of the country you are you can use this information.

Create a website or blog
I will always recommend that you start with blogger or wordpress for beginners.
Blogger and wordpress is totally free to use and easy to maintain. I will strongly recommend blogger and make sure you have a custom domain host by blogger. This very cheap and easy to register, ts just 10 dollars per year. Make it simple is the way out. When you have custom domain your site will have some respect instead of using blogspot. You can add cool template you want from here after you night have set up your site. With blogger you can easily had gadgets like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing gadgets (US only) third party HTML etc.

You must have a Google id for you to access the blogger account. Log into with your Google ID

The next page you see is to create a new blog. Enter the address and name of the blog (e.g. the guide) choose your first template and create the site. If the address is available the site will be automatically created, if not you have to choose another address.

Once that is created you will be redirected to the dashboard and start posting your rich content. A free e-book by Amanda's blogger buster that will guide you is always recommended. follow the link here to get it

With this e-book you will be able to set up your blog and publish it to the world. Once this is done then you must add some features to it.

Now you have to choose a nice template that will suit your blog, there different templates ranging from magazine templates, gadgets templates, shopping templates, simple template.

Note that you must choose your template before other features are added to the website because you might lose all the gadgets added and some other simple HTML code to enhance you site. Like Search engine optimisation Meta tag. But if you have to make changes learn how to backup your blog so you can easily upload your project/blog again. 


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